The Project

The objective of the project we are presenting is to renovate the basement of the building of Via Bellezza 16/a, so that its spaces can be used again, and the city can be given a part of its historical memory back. In particular, the large hall, once restored, can become a space open to the city, and transmit the value of Italian cinema, because it will become an active laboratory in which the possibility of experimenting, seeing, implementing and enquiring will be offered. From cinema to theatre, an artistic performance will become a place of reference in Milan, the place where to meet to experiment and realize artistic products. The large room will become a multipurpose space, equipped for exhibitions, lectures, film screenings and theater performances. It will also be designed to be used for activities related to audio-video production, as well as photography exhibitions, musical events and concerts. As soon as it is in function, we will involve the schools and universities of the metropolitan city, especially the neighbouring ones, the cultural associations in the area, to implement together a participatory planning, which can really give an answer to the needs and dreams of the community.